Release 2.18.8


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
  • If you want to enquire into a Feature please contact IQX with the JIRA reference
JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-634 .Invoice - Add robustness to process where connectivity processes requiredJB
IQ-677Payband linked to Division not working as expectedSB
IQ-679Payband Division - need to check Rate Schemes and Payband conflictsSB
IQ-706Vacancy, Shifts, Odd dates being used for the starting point when Fill Shifts or Confirm pressedJW
IQ-721Streamlined compliance mechanismMS
IQ-763Notifications and the the ability to include questions and answersJB
IQ-781Add indicator to General Settings to show that a Custom HTML SMS function is in useSB
IQ-803Accounts Setup on Company - put an asterisk next to fields that should be filled inJB
IQ-805Add Placement TheirRef to be Audited. Pulse requestSB
IQ-809Correction of print count on mail mergeJB
IQ-816Resurrect automatic Alternate line behaviour previously implemented for NativeDBSB
IQ-819Blobstore Validation FailuresJB
IQ-820Transactionalise WPK updatesMS
IQ-822Help button for IQXWeb settingsMS
IQ-824Simple Connectivity Check from Help Menu SB
IQ-825Delete button on Hub Monitor view in database diagnostics to get rid of old stuff.MS
IQ-826Create restore question code in questionnaire maintSB
IQ-829Fix Drag-Merge for Accord-Linked CandidatesSB
IQ-836Hiding all holiday pay buttons ?SB
IQ-844Add publishtoweb to orgin tableMS
IQ-851Composite Co Pay Template - VAT Registered has a default setting of “No”. Can this setting show the present choice i.e. “Yes”. SB
IQ-855Zero Pay & Charge Warnings Configurable by DivisionSB
IQ-856Merge WPKMaintain into IQX IS-39SB
IQ-858Using SQL reserved words in Custom Grid Columns (fieldname) causes SQL errorJB
IQ-864Client Contact Event with linked candidates - link is not made if CV not attachedJB
IQ-867Governor resource for Max_Statement_Count increaseJB
IQ-870 Leave button in Maintenance, Users, user record blank because of a null issue.JB
IQ-871Add Bulk Delete button to Person-based TS image linkingSB
IQ-872Add switch to disable payroll number checking when changing compositeSB
IQ-878Add Find and Audit to DB FunctionsJB
IQ-879Request E-Signatures in General Settings requires notes to say needs RPostJB
IQ-880Availability Reasons order - needs to be by CodeJB
IQ-881Remove redundant custom field woodpecker switchesMS
IQ-882Sales Consultant - contact details modification and method to clear by another userJB
IQ-883JobRunner ExportFile Bug losing XLSX contentJB
IQ-892Web uploaded Documents process to complianceMS
IQ-893extend consultant email to 100 charsSB
IQ-895After WPK is applied add a message to say 'Now log out and back in again'MS
IQ-896Privacy - Hide the state from Temp Desk - Temps, Entire pool and Expiry Dates, entire poolSB
IQ-897Add support for web timesheet signingSB
IQ-899Selecting the Correct ContactsJB
IQ-900Privacy - few more tweaks to Vacancy & Mailmerge Add form, CE letter text hideJB
IQ-903Make blocking spaces in tagchoice analysis switchable, default onSB
IQ-906Timesheet entry detail page too close togetherJB
IQ-907Deleting User does not clean out IQXWeb record, meaning user can still log in to IQXWebJB
IQ-910Rate Schemes - Hitting Cancel when Asked “Do you want to delete the ENTIRE rate scheme” after Delete button does not cancelSB
IQ-911Wizard / Worksheet for applying changes to rate schemesSB
IQ-913Add referencecode/their ref to bulk shift adderSB
IQ-914Broadbean returning the wrong candidate informationJB
IQ-918Person Thumbnail Photo being overwrittenJB
IQ-919company group tree not display in window 7JB
IQ-920Word CV - email addresses with hyperlinks not seen on RegistrationMS
IQ-930mailchimp not subscribing client contacts or candidatesJB
IQ-931Allow web service call to create a contact event without passing the staffid. Userstaffid will be used if none is passed.MS
IQ-934 vanishing group folders in Favourites JB
IQ-936broadbean re-cycling advert IDs causing sql on index.JB
IQ-945Company dept questions not appearing in audit trailSB
IQ-947Audit shift being manually cascaded on shift viewerSB
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