Release 2.18.6


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
  • If you want to enquire into a Feature please contact IQX with the JIRA reference
JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-525 .Easier way to add balloon help to WPK and Delphi formsSB
IQ-528Request for table fields for group email addresses to be used by jobsJB
IQ-558Improved Security re temp holiday payJB
IQ-588Duplicate general setting accounts 450 (sort order)JB
IQ-598Vacancy shift fill wizard should be shifts (W,B,P) and not placement startdateSB
IQ-631Single Sign on - completion and publicise JW
IQ-637Link for Broadbean Import Candidate Help Button requiredJB
IQ-660Help button on Maintenance - Agency Set Up - Vacancy Job TitlesJB
IQ-671Form positioning does not apply in maximised viewSB
IQ-690WPKMaintain2 : viewitem canedit field 100 should be 10JB
IQ-691Function to extract text from HTML contact event for reportsJB
IQ-707I/O Error 3 on DB updateJB
IQ-709Compliance Documents - column headersSB
IQ-710Custom Merge Fields - SQL boxJB
IQ-715Postcode Lookup on Reference requestSB
IQ-716Slow speed when adding to vacancy short listJB
IQ-717Switch to hide Do Not Transfer on completed timesheetSB
IQ-719TempDesk of type Contract resizing columns on certain updatesJB
IQ-724Removing the option to select Planet Earth as a sub place in IQX when posting jobs to BroadbeanJB
IQ-726Remove (hide) “Add Link to File from documents viewsJB
IQ-729Add division field for timesheet cancel correctSB
IQ-730Delete/Cancel on completed timesheetSB
IQ-733Company Selector loosing contact columnsMS
IQ-734Database updates where multiple connections - allow force attemptSB
IQ-744Licence Maker - button to generate XML Job to update DB Name and Licence in one go. MS
IQ-748Person Serach Wizard crash if immediately after cancelled RegistrationSB
IQ-752Remove placement end date work around if you right click on date column in temp desk placementsSB
IQ-753Add NETUSER and NETSETTINGS to built in authorised WPK formsSB
IQ-755Sec Agency Candidate further refinementsSB
IQ-759Help button on GDPR button within IQXSB
IQ-765Fix the backup Failure Detection Warning on the MAIN form Buttonbar.MS
IQ-766SQL Error Deleting (leave) user staff recordSB
IQ-767Tempdesk. Shift Questionnaire refresh twice on filterJB
IQ-769Get in touch audit optionJB
IQ-776Person Reg - back to change dept needs rebuilding dept as questionnaire does not changeSB
IQ-778Move Peak search from Vacancy Shortlist to Vacancy Search ResultsSB
IQ-779Option in Database Password Change utility to just create key fileMS
IQ-788WPK Maintain Licence UpdateJB
IQ-790Person WPK Unsubscribe changes re GDPR JB
IQ-791Make deletion of documents a toggle-able feature by user + document deletion included in audit trailJB
IQ-794sql error on companyselector→search (client)JB
IQ-797GDPR Email button - add a step to allow last minute escapeSB
IQ-798Implement memo box for SQL in Custom Word Merge Field editingJB
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