Release 2.18.4


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.


Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-554Adhoc invoice form show template usedSB
IQ-578GDPR - Data Access Report - ModifyVHS
IQ-579Validation of Temp Shift Confirmation Allowed in Tempdesk, ShiftsSB
IQ-581Broadbean adding candidate to shortlist issueJMB
IQ-602Wizard for Tidying tasks on User leavingSB
IQ-607Department / Division Email address types (IQX.exe and Web)MHS
IQ-609Improvements to Debug modeMHS
IQ-612Add NULL & Default behaviour columns to database BrowserSB
IQ-614Prevent password-protected docs causing problemsMHS
IQ-616Peak BI Integration links addedSB
IQ-624Word Issues - causesMHS
IQ-644Tidy up User Audit TrailsJMB
IQ-647GDPR - Secure service for sending out Data Access Requests (and other files) - Based on IQXHubMHS
IQ-648GDPR - Job to delete CVs in bulk where created or edited date over X yearsJMB
IQ-649GDPR - Job to deleteDocuments in bulk where created or edited date over X years -JMB
IQ-652Review P45 process - add remove bank details (GDPR)SB
IQ-653P45 Leave button ends All Employments when it should be just Temp onesSB
IQ-654Holiday pay calculationsSB
IQ-655Help button on Person - History - Add EmploymentJMB
IQ-656Ability for Users to use Compliance Documents where no formal Compliance processes in AgencySB
IQ-657Auditing required when deleting a timesheetJMB
IQ-659Invoicing disconnect to Accord meaning lines are missed from invoicesSB
IQ-663Temp Desk Expiry Alert Extra before Alert text instead of afterSB
IQ-665Gender Pay Gap reports - req for legislationSB
IQ-666GDPR - Cancelling Data Access ReportJMB
IQ-668Addition to Gen Settings CommentsJMB
IQ-669Warning message change - General Setting - Switchable Fields - 2800JMB
IQ-672Accord Invoicing, Process NI Recharge First.JMB
IQ-673Method of group email allocation for Web communications and jobsMHS
IQ-674GDPR Data Access Report -auditingVHS
IQ-675GDPR Data Access Report - Stamp buttonJMB
IQ-678Add headline type line to Contact Event top rightJMB
IQ-680All Web maintenance pages to have filter field for searchingJMB
IQ-681Temp Setup, Temp Desk sort order. Currently none.SB
IQ-682Add 2 invoice groupings (batch only)SB
IQ-683Temp Desk - Timesheets - Image File to be sortable both up and downSB
IQ-684GDPR should prompt when not configured correctly.VHS
IQ-685IQX Web MaintenanceJMB
IQ-687Payband & rate scheme maintenance divisionSB
IQ-688Photo - add Publish to Web field to be in sync with docs for uploads by web.MHS
IQ-689problems with phone details when a person and company contact have the same whoidJMB
IQ-692Department publish to web to be audited for any changesJMB
IQ-693Amend the Vac Search initial states criteria so that ALL is ALL except Archived.JMB
IQ-694Departmental CONTACT Questions do not appear in Criteria listJMB
IQ-695Enable Select button on person when videoing from shortlistSB
IQ-696GDPR Document date removalJMB
IQ-697Custom grid fields - Field Custom not found after DB update and local caching enabledJMB
IQ-699getTextFromHTML for the GDPR reportJMB
IQ-700Add Person and Division Automatch configuration viewsSB
IQ-701Add filling consultant to completed timesheet, shifts view.SB
IQ-703Add button to completed timesheet to view any query.SB
IQ-704Add a programmable button to completed timesheetSB
IQ-705SQL Error when adding 'all' to appointmentJMB
IQ-708Restricted Documents must be excluded from DocPacksJMB
IQ-711Cancel confirmation notifications from different locations.MHS
IQ-712Delete button on completed timesheet modifiedSB
IQ-713Add switch to suppress failure messages on BATCH invoicingSB
IQ-720Foreign Keys missing from table 'tsimageJMB
IQ-723Copyright year updateJMB
IQ-727GDPR - external linked file generating error when producing reportJMB
IQ-728Function GetTempMargin return div by zero if charge rate is zeroJMB
IQ-746SetVariable new Attribute htmlwrappedandsignedbyJMB
IQ-749Improve Desktop Backup LogMHS
IQ-754SQL Error when pressing Search on tempdesk expiry datesJMB
IQ-757Person - if Sec Ag state - move the 3 visible and the hidden fields from Details to HeadlineSB
IQ-758Sec Ag Company - Temps View enhancements. Add filters to Temps viewSB
IQ-768WPK Remove from IQXWeb Settings Documents - doc typeJMB
IQ-771Person - Payroll P45/Leave Clear bank details messageJMB
IQ-772GDPR - Person - GDPR - Data Management viewJMB
IQ-773Questionnaire on Shift Viewer creating access violationJMB
IQ-775Vacancy withhold deletes even if pressing no.JMB
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