Release 2.18.2


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.


Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-xxxJira TitleDeveloper Initials
Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-585Limit the number of windows (forms) open in IQXJMB
IQ-586Audit items notes field blank after a DBupdateJMB
IQ-587Enforce source on new person wizard entryJMB
IQ-599Agency Worker Document Pack - Checklist TemplateSB
IQ-604Change MDI child maximisation behaviour - better control of individual screensSB
IQ-605Full Stop allowed as DepartmentID affecting Woodpecker featuresJMB
IQ-606Private Sector Outside IR35 - auditingJMB
IQ-608CE tweaks - View as HTML, hide preview except in de-bugMHS
IQ-611Bulk CV ImportJMB
IQ-617Contact Event 'log' showing when sent as an email incl. the names of attachmentsMHS
IQ-618Add more information to Broadbean audit trail.JMB
IQ-619New message reminding the user to select a company contact when creating a contact eventJMB
IQ-621WPK - hide webrights button for states A and LJMB
IQ-623Support password-protected Accord payslipsSB
IQ-638Split the ‘user maintenance’ role out of the full maintenance rightsSB
IQ-639Identify Invoice Grouping methods which require management groups of BatchSB
IQ-640New Switch on 'select company' to filter out 'Do not use'JMB
IQ-641Ability for certain users only to see particular types of documentsJMB
IQ-642Tempdesk - Temps view list re-ordering when scrolling through the weeksJMB
IQ-643Add User Not in Use to Audit ItemsSB
IQ-645Delete Message in IQX Inbox with G-SuiteJMB
IQ-646GDPR - Data Management - Delete option getting error messageJMB
IQ-658Issues with Temp Desk Temps re-orderingJMB
IQ-661Add DBName into the eurekalog custom columnJMB
IQ-664Company dept. questions looking at the wrong display groupJMB
IQ-670Headline wpk - switchable type no longer valid optionJMB
IQ-676Alternative Reference MethodsSB
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