Release 2.18.11


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
  • If you want to enquire into a Feature please contact IQX with the JIRA reference
JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-784 .Warning message if timesheet image slow to loadSB
IQ-843Invoicing now accepts jpg timesheet ImagesSB
IQ-849Managing MailChimp UnsubscribersJB
IQ-853Override Form ID field only accepts valid wpkformJB
IQ-854JobRunner version shown in Help, AboutSB
IQ-857Highlight search results within CV JB
IQ-860HTML emails can display imagesJB
IQ-865Duplicate timesheet numbersJB
IQ-866Help button updated Maintenance, Agency Setup, Contact DepartmentsSB
IQ-873Boolean CV search field on Vacancy search, as in Person search, if possibleJB
IQ-875Candidate Warning can now be AuditedSB
IQ-884IQX Mail Merge Attachments JB
IQ-885Mail Merge process has been streamlinedJB
IQ-889Bulk CV import now accepts PDFsJB
IQ-894Investigate IQX not restoring from task barJB
IQ-898Amendments to Broadbean when adding new candidates.JB
IQ-901Enabling use of Skype for Business phones to most advantageMS
IQ-902Anonymisation ImprovementsJB
IQ-904Requirement to Timesheet by shift. NHS - Job solution, talk to clientsJW
IQ-905Nominal Code Segments - Defunct codes hidden by default. JB
IQ-909Changes to the licence now audited.SB
IQ-916Timesheet Dispatch ImprovementsJB
IQ-921Switch to default the Tax Method for new records to be Ltd/UmbrellaSB
IQ-923Shift Template settings enforced when adding shifts at timesheet stage MS
IQ-925Ability to drag link a record to an unlinked email in the IQX Inbox.MS
IQ-926Themes information on the help about boxJB
IQ-932Add TableExists() function to DBUpdateSB
IQ-933Placements now visible for Sales Consultant Role.SB
IQ-935Linked Contact can be made from an open provisional or completed timesheet.MS
IQ-938Timesheet Warning when no Invoice Group.JB
IQ-939Create Failed login error message - users exceed licences heldSB
IQ-941Getting a grip on Holiday Pay so that Support understand and can find the correct scriptsSB
IQ-942Rate Script Modifications to allow for more advanced calculationsMS
IQ-943Filter on all Audit viewsJB
IQ-946Add indexing to Person.Notes to be searchable.JB
IQ-948Loading shift viewer from ALT + F8SB
IQ-949Quick Fill Shifts ButtonSB
IQ-951Adding records to other users stored selection.JB
IQ-952Themes causing +/- to disappear on wpk switches formJB
IQ-953Company contacts not editable if not manager/tech support, sales consultantJB
IQ-954WhenCreated added to Staff tableSB
IQ-955Identifying Custom formsJB
IQ-958Shift Description added to provisional timesheet.SB
IQ-961Additions to Timesheets.SB
IQ-962New Provisional Timesheet Delete Allowed functionSB
IQ-963Database Function Names.SB
IQ-966Timesheet Image Linking Improvements.JB
IQ-968Next serial number allocated when Duplicate button is pressed.JB
IQ-970Database can only be updated by Tech Support.SB
IQ-971Add SQL Tool to DB Update disconnect formSB
IQ-972Themes. Missing + on wpk switch view (windows 7)JB
IQ-973Fetching of FormLimit moved to Start Up.JB
IQ-978Make sure all file viewers delete any files they create (extracting from blobstore mainly)SB
IQ-980Invoices won't be created if no Access to FoldersSB
IQ-986Compliance View on Temp Desk Error MS
IQ-989New WhenCreated field in Staff is missing its DEFAULT clauseJB
IQ-992Notifications - No Recipients when attempting to send - fix 2.18.8 and 2.18.11MS
IQ-1016Dictionary Searchable Items - ID column now system so old ID not showingJB
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