Release 2.17.8


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.


Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-xxxJira TitleDeveloper Initials
Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-360Reconcile IQX Timesheet Completion with WebServiceMHS
IQ-381Ability to request E-Signatures to docs for Clients and CandidatesJMB
IQ-411Favourites button accessJMB
IQ-415Email Message - Tiny button big textMHS
IQ-427New type of WPK field that allows some of the data to be obscured (astrixed?)SB
IQ-431Extra Image link - rotate buttonsJMB
IQ-434Changes to Mail Chimp FunctionalityJMB
IQ-436Subscribe to Marketing ButtonJMB
IQ-441Alternative temp folder within iqx.exeSB
IQ-442Limit columns which expand on gridsJMB
IQ-443Trim Shift ReferenceSB
IQ-444Request to add extra col to Short List view - Vac & DeskTopJMB
IQ-446Type Filter Required on SourcesSB
IQ-448Temp Desk - Shifts Filter - Method of choosing several TempDeskSB
IQ-449Timesheet Image Linking - Monthly ContractJMB
IQ-450Add whenentered to tables that need itJMB
IQ-451Add question group -4 to placement headlineSB
IQ-452Phone Types - block editing Type column, check for duplicatesJMB
IQ-453Contact Event linked to Vac - Send Email - Default and visibilityJMB
IQ-455Temp Setup - Temp Desks - allow sort by Name, instead of first by DepartmentJMB
IQ-458TS Complete web service returns first fail reason not listMHS
IQ-459Defunct types complianceSB
IQ-460Help Button on Inbox Save Contact EventJMB
IQ-461Alternative image when IQXWeb probs with email signaturesJMB
IQ-462Alternative image for Broadbean after PlacementJMB
IQ-463Unhelpful Error Message Creating a user record when Login Name already usedJMB
IQ-465User Record - amend opening positionJMB
IQ-466Run xml from Person SelectorJMB
IQ-467Desktop - Inbox Holding on to previous attachments when scrolling between emailsJMB
IQ-468Company Sales ViewJMB
IQ-469Allow Precision of Pay/Charge calculation to be specifiedJMB
IQ-470Doc Templates - Favourites List to override sort orderJMB
IQ-471Entering IQX User (candidate, client contact or consultant)JMB
IQ-481Add role to limit changing of Contract Placement End dateSB
IQ-482Email Signature Division Input maskJMB
IQ-483Invoice Temp Timesheets - Reports button messageSB
IQ-484Deleting a candidate record in IQX – does this delete the iqxWEB record as wellMHS
IQ-485Division - new fields for Web Publish and Web DescriptionJMB
IQ-486Candidates with WebAccess should be able to see ALL timesheets to Complete onlineMHS
IQ-487Archive photo ability so as not to loseJMB
IQ-488Email Signature Division input mask (see IQ-482)JMB
IQ-489Add Job Reference to Summary of Broadbean Contact EventJMB
IQ-490Problems with Email addresses containing Exchange informationJMB
IQ-491Internal Bankscan generating errorJMB
IQ-492New available in week not filtering by temp deskJMB
IQ-493Table vacancylimittemplate still referenced in the wpkSB
IQ-496Add to Function that shows Consultancy Activity on Shift to show Cancel&CorrectJMB
IQ-497Improved error message when photo fails to loadJMB
IQ-498TTaskMessageDialog requires Windows Vista or laterJMB
IQ-499User selector branch filter not workingJMB
IQ-500If an email address is prefixed with a * it is not recognised in inboxJMB
IQ-502Audit Company Change on VacancySB
IQ-503initial vacancy search not display withheld candidates correctlyJMB
IQ-506Vacancy search, availability % inconsistencyMHS
IQ-510Email button report - report export levelJMB
IQ-511Remove explicit PDF dll unloadsSB
IQ-512E-signature encryptionJMB
IQ-514Count Button on Shifts Screen.JMB
IS-29Hanging when opening up a CVJMB
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