Release 2.17.6


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.


Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-xxxJira TitleDeveloper Initials
Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-314Default invoice groupings not showing or missingSB
IQ-128Prevent 2 people from creating invoices at the same timeSB
IQ-233Timesheet Image Linking improvementsJMB
IQ-367Right truncation DB option to DB updateMHS
IQ-271Support for SQL Anywhere Authenticated OEM installsMHS
IQ-318Consistent Rate x Hour totals provisional timesheet to invoicingSB
IQ-326Widen layout of Questionnaire formJMB
IQ-328Improve problem reporting from batch invoicingSB
IQ-336Form speed improvements - Temp DeskSB
IQ-337Form speed improvements – ClientSB
IQ-345Form size tweaks to Accounts Accounts and IqacDoc formSB
IQ-344Audit when SQL Tool (either) is used/openedJMB
IQ-347Self Bill - Settings form - filtering recordsSB
IQ-348Self Bill - complete colouring formsSB
IQ-349Self Billing timesheets - add columns for Invoice layout, Grouping typeSB
IQ-350Vacancy Headline to show on Temp vacancies as well as perm.JMB
IQ-352Remove Miscellaneous view from Secondary Agency Company recordsSB
IQ-353Amendments to Accounts - Transaction ListSB
IQ-356Saving a message from inbox where there are multiple IQX ContactsJMB
IQ-357Override Invoice Attn of on VacancySB
IQ-364Merging Companies or PeopleSB
IQ-365From/To Salary Field on a Perm VacancyJMB
IQ-366Candidate Questionnaire - Compliance Expiry date message textJMB
IQ-369Filter Temp desk - Temps by Available in WeekSB
IQ-370Ability to sort by Known As on Temp Desk TempsSB
IQ-371Temp desk - Shifts filter - by payroll weekJMB
IQ-372Remove button behind division selector in Extra Image linkingSB
IQ-378De-selecting pages in Compliance DocumentsSB
IQ-379Constraint to prevent zero week timesheets being added to the databaseJMB
IQ-382Notifications to be called from Shifts Finish buttonMHS
IQ-383Timesheets - Consultants able to set state to Confirmed so Client can authorise in iqxWEBMHS
IQ-384AWR Audit trail - Person - display of 3 months' records by defaultJMB
IQ-385Change temporary tables used in shift matching to NOT TRANSACTIONALMHS
IQ-386Alternative Webbrowser to avoid Javascript error messagesJMB
IQ-389Broadbean Import Message DialogueJMB
IQ-390Extend AWR hiding user role to PlacementSB
IQ-391IQX to only use WPMaintain2.exeSB
IQ-392Tech User to get warning if old versions of dlls in useSB
IQ-393P45 Process tweaked to show any B&P shifts or Prov TSsSB
IQ-394Broadbean - Rank ButtonJMB
IQ-395Contact Events - can be linked to record div rather than consultant divSB
IQ-396Adding first question to an empty questionnaireJMB
IQ-397Pdf CVs - Drag and Drop and BroadbeanJMB
IQ-398Parsing CV on an existing record created from BroadbeanJMB
IQ-401Adding protection to Excel cells created by jobrunnerJMB
IQ-403Database communication - Chat queries reduced to 1 per minuteSB
IQ-405Dialog boxes opening on same screen as iqx.SB
IQ-408Joint SMS and Email notification to CandidatesMHS
IQ-409Search on the Tempdesk - CustomColumn 2 error messageJMB
IQ-410Error when moving onto Person - CV ViewJMB
IQ-413Temp shifts and vacancy shifts - Ctrl and Sft slectionSB
IQ-414General Settings - Temps 870 default value 7 daysSB
IQ-416Person - Bulk Email - Explanatory textJMB
IQ-420Extra Pay/Charge Rate warnings on timesheet entrySB
IQ-421Additional Extra Codes for TempdeskSB
IQ-424Maint Person States - Unused codesSB
IQ-430Etip now Shift ImportJMB
IQ-432Opening a report from UserJMB
IQ-435Copy and paste from Name and Alert field in Temp Desk formsJMB
IQ-439Department switch view (questions)JMB
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