Release 2.17.4


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.


Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-xxxJira TitleDeveloper Initials
Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-314Default invoice groupings not showing or missingSB
IQ-373Self Bill ordering does not work correctlySB
IQ-249Review, update & test dll package installed with IQXJGW
IQ-142Precision of pay / charge calculation can be specified.JMB
IQ-129818925 Document Pack ImprovementsSB
IQ-132818065 Complete tidy up of withholdingSB
IQ-221WPK - Accounts Role turn on extra views + Compliance extra viewSB
IQ-228A Placed Progress state can be changed back to other from DeskTopSB
IQ-233Timesheet Image Linking improvementsJMB
IQ-240Availability - user switch to not just save but open an automatic CE, if createdSB
IQ-242Investigate problems with Image link problemsJMB
IQ-243Completed Timesheet to show sum of Hours, same way as in ProvTSSB
IQ-248Compliance Documents - Created DateJMB
IQ-255Notifications - cursor not in valid state error when using from Shift MatcherMHS
IQ-263Division Filtering on ReportsJMB
IQ-264Add CE filter to MailMerge Contact Event SelectorJMB
IQ-295Multi-page Tiff causes system to crash when print all selected and box closed after print is doneJMB
IQ-316Doc Types/Questions - form resize to show tick boxesJMB
IQ-320Timesheet correct loses extra docs.SB
IQ-324CV Search BarJMB
IQ-327Further custom columns available on on tempdesk custom grid columnJMB
IQ-330Desktop Tracked Vacancies - Perm/Temp/EitherJMB
IQ-342Make telephone numbers Read Only on front candidate pageJMB
IQ-362Timesheet - new line to show Tax Method & IR35 Status for LtdSB
IQ-375Add Audit information into Broadbean Advert CreationJMB
IQ-261Ability to store searches in UsersJMB
IQ-268Update references to IQXNet - to IQXWeb as appropiateJMB
IQ-331Image linking division confusionMHS
IQ-355Document Pack - Default Doc Pack Selection of NoneSB
IQ-332General Settings - Settings - 1850 NotesSB
IQ-335Wording change - Accounts - Change Payroll Week.SB
IQ-368Change IQX Web Class JMB
IQ-367Right truncation DB option to DB update MHS
IQ-266Alternative IQX button bar - position and icons JMB
10IQ-394Broadbean - Rank ButtonJMB
11IQ-396Questionnaire - new questionJMB
11IQ-397Pdf CVs Drag and Drop and BroadbeanJMB
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