Release 2.17.2


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
Build JIRA Feature / Change Dev
IQ-224Dynamic Schemes - probs when dates applied and Overrides exist.MHS
IQ-301Add a programmable button to placementSRB
IQ-302Add new display group for placement departmental questionsSRB
IQ-306Contact Event - Save and Save and Close Buttons missingJMB
IQ-315Add 4 100 char fields to tempdeskSRB
IQ-205Rate Scripts and where to take the break fromMHS
IQ-223Ability to control Credits and Invoices in the correction processSRB
IQ-225Extra cols to rate schemes for VMS and NHS requirementsMHS
IQ-250Contact Event type add Email signature, cannot select choicesJMB
IQ-9#819358 Invoicing Procedure re Create PDFsSRB
IQ-43#819305 a more automated / seamless way of creating scheduled jobs from reportsJMB
IQ-186Appearance enhancementJMB
IQ-200Client Questions to be filtered by DeptJMB
IQ-210'Cross Match' and 'Previous Employees Only' buttons on Vacancy Search not workingJMB
IQ-215Credit Control does not obey Divisions allowed if * usedSRB
IQ-2182 New Terminology fieldsJMB
IQ-220New Button in Broadbean HybridJMB
IQ-222Extend Person Tax Method to have a new Umbrella TypeSRB
IQ-226Auditing of individual rates on vac and placSRB
IQ-229Lists of Email AddressesJMB
IQ-230Extend Pay_Employee.TaxCode field to 6 characters long in exe and WPKSRB
IQ-231Shift fill view - button to Add Unavailability/ etc on formJMB
IQ-235Timesheet Images Should Not Be Client AcessibleSRB
IQ-236Query ImprovementsSRB
IQ-237Audit Company Is Invoice Address tick boxJMB
IQ-238Client field for 'IsPortal'SRB
IQ-239Shift view - use dialogue to reset filters, to avoid refresh after every tweakJMB
IQ-241Audit if Shift A U or H is DELETEDJMB
IQ-246Placements - to show margin calcs in Rates, like vacancy, also new cols comingMHS
IQ-247Change of Sort Order on Temp Desk Current VacanciesJMB
IQ-252Change of order of Fields in Pay-EmploymentSRB
IQ-260Notifications additionsJMB
IQ-265Etips - creating shifts from emailsJMB
IQ-267Facility to edit additional SMTP profiles in IQXSRB
IQ-270Keyname Broadbean Import CandidatesJMB
IQ-307Notification pictureMHS
IQ-312Broadbean auto retreive of all applicationsJMB
IQ-209Position of Unavailability Box when booking an interviewJMB
IQ-227Enforce 'end of week' rate Dates in Schemes, and warn if dates editedJMB
IQ-305imageblobid column in Temp Desk - TimesheetsJMB
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