Release 2.17.12


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.


Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-xxxJira TitleDeveloper Initials
Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-532General Settings - Switchable Fields - NumberingJMB
IQ-533Temp Desk Temps View FILTERINGJMB
IQ-534Temp Desk Temps Column SortingJMB
IQ-536General Settings Switchable Field -2860 - change of wordingJMB
IQ-540Request to search for Contacts WITHIN a Company RecordJMB
IQ-549Rename Hide Comp List on Person Modify ScreenJMB
IQ-555Backup Warning Icon on New Left Hand Button BarJMB
IQ-559error when creating a new vacancy with no vacancy sourcesJMB
IQ-561Boiler Plate text problem with CV Send (vacancy shortlist)JMB
IQ-5651 page New Person WizardSB
IQ-566User Role - can maintain usersJMB
IQ-567GDPR ButtonsJMB
IQ-569!Report should warn if report missing.MHS
IQ-570Document download areaJMB
IQ-571Thumbnail Photo issues when turned on and themes activated.JMB
IQ-572Ability to move and save the positions of columns within a screenMHS
IQ-573Drag and drop PDF CV onto IQX main screenJMB
IQ-574Audit changes to rate scheme description,charge code etc.SB
IQ-575Registration email address made mandatorySB
IQ-577Incorrect invoice addresses showing for companies with no account code.MHS
IQ-583Multiple Online Reference formats per departmentSB
IQ-589Improvements to Selector ScreensMHS
IQ-590Filtering Selector resultsMHS
IQ-591Changing selector columnsMHS
IQ-592Default Searches and Easier access to SearchesMHS
IQ-593Filtered last contact dateMHS
IQ-594Search criteria box changesMHS
IQ-595 ‘Quick LMTCB’ contact event. MHS
IQ-596Prevent save changes messages on contact eventsMHS
IQ-597Add ability to open multiple client contacts from a Company record. MHS
IQ-600 Maintenance, Phone Types allow editing display nameSB
IQ-601 GDPR refinementsSB
IQ-610Direct Engagement.MHS
IQ-613 Company - Placement unexpected characters in charge cloumnJMB
IQ-615Rates calculation/display.MHS
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