Release 2.17.10


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.


Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-xxxJira TitleDeveloper Initials
Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-523 Contact Event due for call back, no date shown if time not setSB
IQ-530Pre-validations need to be added to ALL places where action happensSB
IQ-505Vacancy search ticking temp pool member returns no records JMB
IQ-508Allow Precision of Pay/Charge calculation to be specifiedJMB
IQ-529Creating new vacancy from the TempdeskJMB
IQ-545Not access to own record vacancy in wpkJMB
IQ-553-Timesheet Image linking filteringJMB
IQ-509Can open multiple screens for IQXWeb Set Up when I shouldn't be able toMHS
IQ-537Questionnaire, change question while in inserting a choiceJMB
IQ-521When adding company contacts to Favourites no space between the namesJMB
IQ-526Contact Event Linked to Vacancy - Send EmailJMB
IQ-535Duplicating a Vacancy - Not all fields copiedJMB
IQ-387Add a mini image of the photo to the top of the Person formJMB
IQ-494Division filtering on NotificationsMHS
IQ-425GDPR - Project (see sub-tasks for details)SB
IQ-426GDPR - Update Data Access Request reportSB
IQ-427New type of WPK field that allows some of the data to be obscured (astrixed?)SB
IQ-428Facility for removing unwanted / old data or anonymise candidatesSB
IQ-507Extra Column on Expiry DatesSB
IQ-544IQXWeb - way of head office to link to all Companies - easier than draggingMHS
IQ-440Rewrite composite maintenanceSB
IQ-423Composite Companies - needs to have HMRC Engagement Letter fieldSB
IQ-538Company Contact Department changesSB
IQ-461Alternative image when IQXWeb probs with email signaturesJMB
IQ-495 Dll's needing updated SB
IQ-516 Report selection from selector formsJMB
IQ-519Allow sorting on pay/charge on placement viewsSB
IQ-418Removing internal dashboardJMB
IQ-543Company Contact add departmental questionnaireSB
IQ-550Person Selector Bulk Doc packSB
IQ-524Pop Up Reminders adding other staff membersJMB
IQ-517Block changing the code on Status where data exists - ALL typesJMB
IQ-560Menu terminology change description for tempshift confirmation allowedJMB
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