Release 2.16.12


  • If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.
Build JIRA Feature / Change Developer
IQ-105Times displayed from Boiler Plate Text FieldsJMB
IQ-196Single sign onSRB
IQ-214WPKScript not properly rolling back transactions on errorMHS
IQ-3Brands relaunch (Notifications)MHS
IQ-17#819318 Add Broadbean to IQX update and switch on via LicenseJMB
IQ-34#818024 Make MailMerge and Report obey selector multi-selectJMB
IQ-40#818936 Button on the CV view that combines all functions to create CV in templateJMB
IQ-42#819141 Mailchimp EnhancementsJMB
IQ-47#818926 Switch to show the Person Consultant field for a CONTACT so that Consultants can own contactsSRB
IQ-54#819366 Stop silent fail on mail merge if link to attachment is lost - warn and stop, so can be re-connected and re-startedJMB
IQ-104Adding a new Question or Choice using an existing IDJMB
IQ-109Person compliance staffSRB
IQ-112#818102 DBIDVAR variable to eliminate need for params query in UniqueKey functionSRB
IQ-113#819328 More explanation on connection failureJMB
IQ-114#819374 Enhancement to Person Bulk EmailsJMB
IQ-115#819354 Bug found in DocumentType if Grouping method is not for single timesheetSRB
IQ-118#819005 Switch to apply CE combo filter to selectorsSRB
IQ-121#818862 Accounts ColourJMB
IQ-122#819364 Add to Pop Up notification Days as well as MinutesJMB
IQ-123#819362 Extend make auto Contact Event functionality to Availability entered via DiarySRB
IQ-124#819351 Broadbean - rejection (non import) reasonJMB
IQ-127#819011 Extend Source ID to 2 characs and other featuresSRB
IQ-137#819266 Shift Match - Process button does not obey Ctrl selected recordsMHS
IQ-138#819174 MV Shift Progress suggestionsSRB
IQ-139#818941 Colour Blind optionsJMB
IQ-140#267000 Ability to control colour of view names on outlook bar (eg to indicates notes present / problem etc)JMB
IQ-141#266977 Read only user hits sql erros if they try to save a contact event. The menu buttons shouldn't work / be hidden if no edit rightsJMB
IQ-147Nominal Codes Being Created as UnknownSRB
IQ-180Desk Top - Inbox - IQX ContactSRB
IQ-184Division Access on BPTJMB
IQ-187Contact event is not created when adding availability through the candidate diarySRB
IQ-188Confirm screen, week commencing does not reflect client weekSRB
IQ-190CV parse issue with the word CV at the end in a header.JMB
IQ-195Confirmation screen stretching without it's headers doing likewiseJMB
IQ-197Defunct Temp Desks and Holiday Pay timesheetsSRB
IQ-208Support for DTKBarReader.dll unlimited licenceSRB
IQ-212Person, Employment Periods - Expand - prob with single quote in surnameSRB
IQ-216Vacancy Teams, view on Desktop. - [RMF-VFMJZ-184] - IQX SupportJMB
IQ-256error in job text going to BroadbeanJMB
IQ-308Error adding new vacancyJMB
IQ-311If user only has compliance role then they cannot open company recordsJMB
IQ-178Null Date Displayed.SRB
IQ-179Broadbean Retrieve Candidate - AllJMB
IQ-181Temp Desk - Shifts - override colour columnSRB
IQ-189Clearer message needed when making a perm vacancy tempJMB
IQ-193Basic reports view, adding notes columnJMB
IQ-194Size Limit for Documents being addedSRB
IQ-206Bulk CV Import Candidate StateJMB
IQ-182Last page Timesheet wizard - SpacingSRB
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