Release 2.15.12

Note: New numbering system Major (2), Year (15), Month (12)
Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.

Build BugTrack Feature / Change Dev Date
6#819132Graphics not displaying when outputting xls files (jobrunner) JMB28/01/2016
5#819124Duplicate check speed bottleneck fixed. JMB11/01/2016
5#819120 Payroll Validation bug - extra !JMB4/01/2016
4#819123Fix to slow changing week - tempdesk.pas.MHS08/01/2016
4#819111HMRC Error Message.JMB18/12/2015
3#819101Support for Meridian Tempest transfer.MHS07/12/2015
3#819080Bulk Payment – Auto and Clear Allocation buttons added.SB07/12/2015
3#819102Change to Tempaid export to cater for large timesheet numbers.MHS07/12/2015
3#819103HMRC Intermediary Reporting – change for payroll systems using NEW mechanism.SB07/12/2015
2#819093Tempaid truncation code error when Tempaid long codes used. TempDesk.pas amended with the fix.MHS26/11/15
1#819080 Bulk Payment added to Accounts menu allowing payment to multiple accounts. SB 18/11/15
1#819031 User Role “Startup Own Division”. Also warning if no access to own division. SB 09/11/15
1#819076 Applicant form not displayed correct from vacancy copy short list JMB 02/11/15
1#819075 Plus/Minus missing from Search Criteria Menu JMB 02/11/15
1#819074 Webservice Convert_boilerplatetext, rename parameter consultant to staffid JMB 30/10/15
1#819073 Broadbean JMB 30/10/15
1#819067 String substitution now available on Bulk SMS JMB 30/10/15
1#819065Fix bug when running branding xml job via iqxhubJMB 30/10/15
1#819068 Prevent duplicates being added to Other Staff on AppointmentsJMB29/10/15
1#819069 Maintenance, Invoice Management Groups. “Tradeshift” added as a Process Method. Timesheets will go through Batch invoice creation and invoices will not appear in Send Invoices or Send OB10 InvoicesSB27/10/15
1#819072 Fix Timesheet completion bugJMB21/10/15
1#819071 Fix Office 365 email bugJMB21/10/15
1#819070 Fix bug when performing a mailmerge after re-ordering a wpk column (eg postcode)JMB19/10/15
1#818920New Person, Duplicate Checking. Now on first Next button. Email checking added.SB21/10/15

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