Release 2.15.11

Note: New numbering system Major (2), Year (15), Month (11)
Note: If you have custom forms defined in IQX, not all new features may be available to you.

Version Feature / Change HMRC Error Message. JMB 18/12/2015 Optimisation for wpk question views based on tables SB 14/12/15 Invoice How Sent will now display Tradeshift if sent that way. SB 14/12/15 Compliance Documents - Improve JPG to PDF conversion. SB 04/11/15 Applicant form not displayed correct from vacancy copy short list JMB 02/11/15 Plus/minus not displaying correctly on search criteria menu JMB 02/11/15 Webservice Convert_boilerplatetext, rename parameter consultant to staffid JMB 30/10/15 String substitution now on bulk sms JMB 30/10/15 Fix & Characters in Data Inspectors JMB 30/10/15 Change how & characters are displayed JMB 30/10/15 Prevent duplicates being added to Other Staff on Appointments JMB 29/10/15 Fix bug when attaching more than 1 document via contact event type JMB 29/10/15 Maintenance, Invoice Management Groups. “Tradeshift” added as a Process Method. Timesheets will go through Batch invoice creation and invoices will not appear in Send Invoices or Send OB10 Invoices. SB 27/10/15 Fix Timesheet completion bug JMB 21/10/15 Fix Office 365 email bug JMB 21/10/15 Tempdesk, Expiry Dates. “Working in Week” and Person State filters added. SB 13/10/15 Connection name added to Sybase for ease of debuggiing MHS 13/10/15 Report Builder and Reports positioning on secondary monitor JMB 13/10/15 Tempdesks process Temp. Default to All Dept if user has no default department. JMB 13/10/15 Person, Tempdesks. Adding/removing will be audited. SB 13/10/15 #819062 New User Role - Restrict Users from seeing Temp Desk other than own JMB 13/10/15 Accounts, Batch Invoice Temp Timesheets. Fix for Report button error. SB 12/10/15 Temp Desk Enquiry Dates View - Extra filters added. SB 12/10/15 Tempdesk, Timesheets. Users with “Can process person-based Timesheet Images” role can expand timesheets- SB 07/10/15 Fix for Compliance Document automatic archiving updating all archived documents of same type- SB 06/10/15 New field ExpiryBehaviour in Tag table - JMB 05/10/15 Loading Compliance Docs on Person, Company, Vacancy when Themes enabled - JMB 05/10/15 Grid/Outlook bar centre alignment - JMB 05/10/15 Change note on general setting Email/Telephony (330) Default MailMerge Selection - JMB 02/10/15 Correct Position on tempdesk→vacancy view if monthly contract and sitename entered - JMB 02/10/15 Branding - Add in temp shift custom word merge fields - JMB 30/09/15 Person, Payroll. “Foreign National Awaiting NI” added. Not currently passed to any payroll - SB 28/09/15 Fix bug when Authorising (on placement→invoicing) , caused by ' in the placement element validation JMB 24/9/15 HMRC Intermediary Reporting. Pay_Employment will store required data and be linked to timesheets when timesheet is completed. SB 23/09/15 #819058 Questionnaire multiple selection options with '&' not displaying correctly JMB 23/9/15 #819057 Contact Event Type Attachments JMB 23/9/15 Staff TS Query Code passed through templates - SB 22/09/15 #819055 Reminder fix duplicate appointment, when all staff selected- JMB 22/9/15 Broadbean Hybrid API available - JMB 21/9/15 Maintenance, Temps, TS Query Reasons. Unused Codes Button added- SB 21/09/15 #819053 Not button on search criteria now red when themes enabled - JMB 21/9/15 Branding. Shift Ranges. - JMB 18/09/15 Branding. Implement SMS for query match/confirm. - JMB 16/09/15 Compliance Documents. General Settings 1870 and 1880 allow adjustment of document input configuration to change size/readability. - SB 16/09/15 Shift Adder. Optimisation of SQL for template selection. - SB 16/09/15 New switch (general 1860) to default scan timesheet link division to all - JMB 15/09/15 Company/Person caption not displaying for long names. - JMB 15/09/15 Tempdesk, Shifts. who, when confirmed shown in details. - SB 14/09/15 Tempdesk, Shifts. If shift or plan auditing is on (and user has rights) an Audit Trail added. - SB 14/09/15 Changes to Branding to deal with Table, TR and TD html tags - JMB 14/09/15 Vacancy, Diary, Edit. who, when confirmed shown at end. - SB 2/09/15 Changes to Shift Confirmations can be audited, format - “0, 02/09/15 11:50:01, Stewart Bain”. - SB 2/09/15 Temp Shift, Who and when confirmed (and unconfirmed) is recorded. - SB 02/09/15 #819042 View only default for IQXNet details - JMB 31/08/15 #819037 IQXNet Only, timesheet entered by, now shows contact who entered timesheet - JMB 31/08/15 wpk. Hide Vacancy→Details limitedcolour column - JMB 31/08/15 #819047 Timesheet Entry Note field extended to 100 chars - JMB 27/08/15 and iqx.ini file altered to replace lost scrollbar functionality - JMB 27/08/15 Improved Shift Match functionality - dragging matches - MHS 21/08/15 New 'Add Shifts' button improves access - MHS 21/08/15 New field 'Code' used to filter Timesheet Query Reasons - SB 20/08/15 JobRunner FTP Connection - New Attribute ' port' added - SB 18/08/15 JobRunner, FTPConnection. If SSL is on can specify TLS type Implicit, Explicit or Require. Default – Require. - SB 18/08/15 #819043 Enhancement to Withhold from Group to clarify which are not employments - SB 17/08/15 Allow ascending/descending sorting on shifts - SB 17/08/15

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