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This page tracks IQXHub releases from onwards

The latest release can be downloaded from here The JobRunner language release history is here.

Version Feature / Change Dev Date IQX Dev Ref bug with scheduled jobs running reportsMHS30/1/2020 'pears' references from database updateMHS29/1/2020 'token' param to IQXChangePassword web serviceMHS10/1/2020IH-65 Demo Charts to static data loadMHS10/1/2020IQ-995 capability in hub service. Requires Static Data URL to be setMHS6/12/2019IH-63 online timesheet completion causing linked image to be lostJB24/10/2019 ExportFile imagecompressionlevel attributeMHS24/10/2019IH-50 Free http component after every useSB24/10/2019 detailed SQL error messages on IQXSelectMHS24/10/2019IH-62 script errors produce info messages not program error messagesMHS24/10/2019IH-60 wake-up code in case sql session has timed outMHS24/10/2019 procedure tests - disallow UPDATE and DELETE commands with no WHEREMHS24/10/2019IH-61 [Files] in StaticDataLoader.ini other than PostCodeLocation, AddressPAF and BankModulus are unzipped into LocalWebPageMHS14/8/2019IH-57 IQXNetPopup proc to support Email Group NotificationsMHS1/8/2019IW-933 JobRunner to 4.44, including new log facility in Message commandMHS1/8/2019IH-55 accidental reversion to SSLv2/3 from TLSv1.2MHS23/05/2019 recordextent=“REGEX” to textquery for one record per regex match. JobRunner 4.41MHS09/05/2019IH-54 automatic Import in JobRunner to hold HTTP POST content when Job called by IQXHub receiving HTTP POSTMHS30/04/2019IH-53 4.40MHS22/01/2019 close up on form executes codeMHS22/01/2019 commands: WriteExcelHeader, JPEGResize, PDFAttachFileMHS22/01/2019 file port settings available to jobMHS22/01/2019 attribute in Export and ImportMHS22/01/2019 attribute on Call, Export commandMHS22/01/2019 hub and db server version in hub backup logsMHS22/01/2019IH-46 RecordID to IQXNetAuditLogMHS22/01/2019IH-48 analytics web page updating to Static Data mechanismMHS22/01/2019IH-49 non-ANSI characters in userid and password in web requestsMHS04/01/2019IH-47 for £ signs in JSON result setsMHS21/12/2018IH-44 JSON result sets, on request, instead of XML - put 'application/json, */*' in accept headerMHS04/12/2018IH-44 tests allow single line commentsMHS04/12/2018 image upload and download able to use blobstore storage when indicated, and shrink jpeg uploadsMHS27/11/2018IW-692 SendEmail - add notificationmakecontactevent=“YES”MHS17/10/2018IH-45 60 second time-out to SMTP email connectionsMHS20/09/2018IH-41 fix: Remove spaces from client chargecode comma separated list when processing rate scriptsSB20/09/2018 fix: Error response reading for non-200 REST codes implemented for JobRunner http(s) requestsMHS09/09/2018 IQXRESULT=Y attribute to CheckBankScan and CheckBankModulus webservices, for iqxWEB useMHS16/08/2018IW-360 DB support for graphics (sparklines and piecharts) on the consultant home pageMHS16/08/2018IW-588 Scheduler can notify failures with same mechanism as Hub Backup see IQXHub Running Job SchedulesMHS24/07/2018PUL-118 On Log Backup option added to ini - default YESMHS19/07/2018IH-38 client version added to statsMHS20/06/2018IH-31 command line switch to force database updateMHS20/06/2018IH-33 in Static Data LoaderMHS20/06/2018IH-36 Data Loader random time range widened to between 8pm and midnightMHS20/06/2018IH-34 full backupsMHS20/06/2018IH-35 backup safe copies directoryMHS20/06/2018IH-35 function made to handle ISO datesMHS20/06/2018IH-30 IQXNetSwitch.TextValue to allow alphanumeric switches as well as boolean, with over-ride function and new IQXNetSwitchValue functionMHS05/06/2018 InvoiceID param to filedownload service to intelligently deal with internal/external storage, ownership, rights and self bill invoices. Set it to iqacdocument.documentidMHS02/05/18IH-24 table locking so that static data loads work in a busy databaseMHS25/04/18 postcode PAF database to static data loading (if licensed)MHS25/04/18 authenticated database logins - every connect and reconnect will now authenticateMHS20/04/18 SyncDB web service to allow easy version shifting of db procs, switches, rights etcMHS11/04/18 all doc and docx uploads for password protectionMHS11/04/18 KML web service for the OSM map tiles server to be able to access a prepared KML documentMHS06/04/18 comment and IP address to IQXHub monitoringMHS21/03/18 the hidden error messages when running one-off jobsMHS07/03/18 Secure Document Link functionality as web services. Requires web site filesMHS07/03/18IH-16 IQXHub monitoring table which can be viewed in IQX to see status of all hubs connected to dbMHS07/03/18IH-21 static data loading facility with PostCodeLocation mechanism. Others can easily be added. See 'IQX - sample.ini'. Checking for updates can be forced with http://localhost:54000/iqxsignal_/staticdataloadMHS14/02/18IH-13 auditing functionality to IQXNetSaveQuestionnaire. Requires live implementation of NetQuestionAuditMHS09/02/18 and return IQXNetUser.LastLoggedIn timestamp (returned value goes in ApplicationSvc.currentUser.LastLoggedIn)MHS30/11/17IH-17 procedure receives new pLicensedUserCount parameter, loaded from the encoded licenseMHS30/11/17IH-18 service - allow candidates and agencies to immediately view and access blobs which they have uploadedMHS06/11/17 4.27 - Added targetfile attribute to HTTPRequest to allow downloading of binary filesMHS06/11/17IH-14 naming of web download files (not just to Hub Backup. External blobstore validation is now a separate parallel process with its own days and time, so that it does not delay the normal backup routines. It must be explicitly enabled in the ini fileMHS25/07/17 to Hub Backup. On failure it now terminates the task immediately rather than attempting to continue non-destructively. With the old way it sometimes hung on a later sub-task and failed to report the errorMHS12/07/17 authentication mechanism: ability to return #xxx REST status errorsMHS21/06/17 of session authentication mechanism to web requestsMHS15/06/17 additions - can now use nested templates to construct complex emailsMHS23/05/17 to FileUpload and FileDownload to allow direct blob upload and download subject to permissionsMHS23/05/17IH-11 'Literal' field type in JSON generation. Allows more versatility in constructing JSON and Mongo array fields etcMHS28/02/17 to Notification attachments and addition of on the fly reportsMHS10/02/17 linkage in jobsMHS10/02/17 and WebServices - added Notification and HTMLWrap functionality to SendEmailMHS11/01/17IH-3 & IH-4 - allow Owner portal to upload and download all document typesMHS11/01/17IH-6 & IH-7 - licensing functionalityMHS11/01/17IH-2 .Backup - prevented replacing Live Log safe copy if apply failedMHS .11/01/17IH-1 tables and procedures for iqxWEB DashboardMHS20/11/16 unlimited license key for barcode software in jobrunnerMHS08/11/16 jobrunner version 4.18MHS08/11/16 minus sign - to denote switches on command line as alternative to slash / MHS01/07/16 AutomatedTest to iqxWEBservices and increased version number to 1.12 MHS01/07/16 to latest jobrunner 4.16 (Includes smtpsettings attribute and avoids surplus CRLFs on SetVariable, HTTPRequestData etc)MHS10/06/16 backup now only moves SafeLive.log to the safe copy AFTER it has been applied, to make live syncing safe copies saferMHS27/04/16 is now portable - it will work in any copy of the containing folder, no longer hard coded to the original pathMHS27/04/16 possible ambiguity if 'Scheduled Log Backup Times' explicitly set to empty string in the iniMHS27/04/16 backup now leaves the primary standby log in place. The live log is copied to and applied from SafeLive.logMHS19/04/16 IQXNetTagGroup.ReadOnlyMHS19/04/16 that the DeleteOldDatabaseLogs proc which uses REGEXP is not created in server versions prior to 11MHS19/04/16 backup has new facility to delete old logs on the server - ini setting 'Days to Retain Server Log Files' in [IQXHubBackup]MHS31/03/16 returns long varchars for Rights and Switches, allowing more valuesMHS31/03/16 status reporting on (note trailing underline if not providing auth details)MHS27/11/15 for {WPK_G_….} switches in scheduled or web service jobsMHS27/11/15 and FileDownload services now available for non-authenticated sitesMHS27/11/15 now be used for non-IQX databasesMHS27/11/15 fixesMHS27/11/15
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