iqxWEB v1.5. Release Notes

Minimum IQX.exe Version: 2.20.4.x

Minimum IQX WPK Version:

Minimum IQXHub Version

  • Added address auto complete so now when you start to type an address it will give suggestions.

  • When Availability has been added by a Candidate a Contact Event to be made if General Setting Temp 440 set - Contact events will be created when a candidate adds/removes availability from the candidate portal diary. See general settings > temp setting 440.

  • New and improved images have been added to replace the coloured shapes in the Diary. Also amended the look and feel of the candidate diary.
  • Within the client portal it is now possible to hide cancelled requirements. Client requirements will no longer show cancelled shifts/vacancies by default, a switch has been added to show these again.
  • Now possible for non-Web WPK General settings to be collected by iqxWEB. This will allow non web general settings to be sent via the Send to iqxWEB function.
  • Improvements made to the soft registration wizard to allow custom questionnaire groups depending on previous answers.
  • Updated NI mask so the letters are uppercase
  • Custom question group added for soft registration wizard
  • Tidy up of placeholders for the address lookup
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