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iqxWEB v1.5.1 Release Notes

Minimum IQX.exe Version: 2.19.2.x

Minimum IQX WPK Version:

Minimum IQXHub Version

  • New switch called TSALLOWUNTICKCALC added which allows shifts to be excluded from online timesheet calculations. The switch can be found in iqxWEB settings under Switches. Also changed the syntax of the hover tooltip.
  • Analytics have been removed from iqxWEB as this is now managed by iqx.exe.
  • Improvements made to the content within the pop-up text boxes on the Candidate portal when a Candidate is completing a timesheet and sending for approval. Also there is now a warning message if no email address is entered.
  • Improvements made to the overall look and feel of the Client App.
  • Removed Candidate video record feature, this will later be replaced with native functionality.
  • Consultant Diary now ordered by Userid rather than Staffid to show Consultants alphabetically.
  • Improved the inactivity automatic logout functionality
  • Downloaded files from the Portal now retain the original filename
  • Archived documents no longer show in the Documents view for Candidates
  • Issue where updating your email address to one that already exists within the database would cause an internal error, this has now been changed to show a user error

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