iqxWEB v1.5.0 Release Notes

Minimum IQX.exe Version: 2.19.2.x

Minimum IQX WPK Version:

Minimum IQXHub Version

  • Candidates can now see what shortlist they are on by going to iqxWEB - jobsearch/applied or click jobs/applied in the menu
  • You can now add a note when applying for a vacancy in job search
  • Ability to search users and add 'overrides' (equivalent of rights assigned in IQX) as currently you can remove/edit them but not add them. Ability to reset password for a user
  • Added switchable option to enable a register button on the login page
  • You are now able to cancel a wrongly entered shift on Timesheets
  • Core changes to iqxWEB to allow for apps
  • Fixed an issue with favourites where folders were empty
  • Fixed an issue where errors would appear as internal errors rather than user errors
  • Fixed an issue where you were able to duplicate the same shift on a timesheet
  • Archived documents will no longer show for the candidate in their documents view
  • Fixed an issue with iOS and OSx browsers having issues decompressing the app.js files

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