iqxWEB Version 1.4.9 Release Notes

Minimum IQX.exe Version: 2.19.2.x

Minimum IQX WPK Version:

Minimum IQXHub Version

  • Candidate Portal - Add page text functionality to /provtimesheet page
  • Change password button added to the settings page
  • In the Candidate Portal the switch to allow “send for approval” button will also now complete the timesheet
  • The Password reset job will now have a hyperlink so the candidate can enter in their own password
  • Current timesheets in the Candidate portal should show all timesheets (no date range)
  • iqxweb Question Groups will apply to all questionnaires visible
  • If a JPG image is attached to a timesheet in iqxWEB, upon completion of the timesheet within IQX and then invoicing and choosing to email the invoice, the JPG image attached to the timesheet will appear on the emailed PDF.
  • When the Candidate Uploads timesheet image in PNG it will now convert into PDF
  • Optional gender field (for payroll) on candidate registration wizard
  • Candidate Payslips are now ordered to show the most recent at the top.
  • Pin inputs will now show the correct keyboard on a mobile device. Autocomplete has been disabled on the pin entry forms
  • Website notes strips formatting in web
  • Send error report popup shows if current password is entered wrong
  • Candidate bank details set - no suitable error message
  • Progress history appears for all types in action dialogue (should only appear for candidates?)
  • Fix Summary and reminder email on Web Referencing
  • Stop Calculate button being used of shift method + 0 shifts exist
  • HTTP 401 on password change
  • Login redirect fixed

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