iqxWEB Version 1.4.3 Release Notes

Minimum IQX.exe Version: 2.19.2.x

Minimum IQX WPK Version:

  • [IW-991] - When using our White Labeled iOS or Android app, you now have the choice to use a customisable “App Landing Page”
  • [IW-994] - When using our White Labeled iOS or Android app, Smart App Banners & App showcase are now disaplyed
  • [IW-998] - Added PIN Authentication so users can login with a PIN (once they have authenticated with username + password)
  • [IW-997] - When a user is authenticated and the user restores their sesssion, the rights and switches are Re-Fetched (when not using TEMPSESSION mode)
  • [IW-979] - Ability to Turn off expenses in etimesheets
  • [IW-992] - Consultant popup/notification svc
  • [IW-993] - Consultant Popup Procedure
  • [IW-999] - Client timesheet views - client name column has been restored
  • [IW-986] - The blue informational boxes no longer flash up on the candidate dashboard

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