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Client Files Installed with IQX

This list of files commonly found in IQX client installations may be helpful. Not all these files will be found in every installation - this will depend on your configuration. In particular many of the dlls are only required for specific image manipulation processes - usually connected with the processing of timesheet images.

Files normally placed in the client IQX share
iqx.exe main IQX program file
iqx.ini IQX configuration settings
bankscan.dll bank modulus checking library
british.adm spell check dictionary
libeay32.dll Open SSL library for https etc
ssleay32.dll Open SSL library for https etc
tiff_to_pdf.dll image conversion library
wPDFViewPlus02.dll PDF viewing and manipulation library
wPDFViewPlus03.dll PDF viewing and manipulation library
wp_type1tff.dll support library for wPDFViewPlus
wpdecodeJP.dll support library for JBIG2 image encoding in pdfs
pdftk.exe PDF manipulation utility
pears.key security support file
DTKBarReader.dll bar code reading library - included from v2.16.12
zlib1.dll file compression library

Files with the extension rtm are IQX Report Templates. Files with extension xml in the IQX folder structure are likely to be IQX JobRunner scripts - if in doubt check the contents - IQX jobs will have a top level tag of <job>. Bitmap files (extension bmp) in the program folder will be background images for IQX - see Add a background image to IQX

Files in IQXHub, IQX JobRunner and IQXNet installations
IQXHub.exe IQX Hub program file
RunJob.exe JobRunner program file
RunJobService.exe JobRunner - windows service version
IQXNet.exe IQXNet program file
IQXNetService.exe IQXNet - windows service version

also dll, key files etc as for the IQX client

Obsolete files relating to previous help systems - can be removed
iqx.hlp Help file
iqx.chm Help file
pears.cnt Help file
pears.gid Help file
pears.hlp Help file
iqx.gid Help file
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