Full Text Searching in IQX

IQX supports full text searches in some areas such as CVs. The syntax used is very similar to that when using search engines such as Google.

CV examples:

Searchfinds CVs containing:
excel word“excel” and“word”
excel AND wordboth “excel” and “word”
excel OR wordeither “excel” or “word” or both
excel NOT word“excel” but not “word”
“process engineering”the phrase “process engineering”
word AND (“process engineering” OR excel)“word” and either “process engineering” or “excel”
word AND NOT (“process engineering” OR excel)“word” but neither “process engineering” or “excel”
safe*“safe”, “safety”, “Safely” etc
health NEAR safetythe words “health” and “safety” within 10 words of each other, in any order
health NEAR[20] safetythe words “health” and “safety” within 20 words of each other, in any order
Searches are not case-sensitive, ie searching for “excel”, finds both “Excel” and “excel”.
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