Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Action
Tab Moves you through fields, expanding each level
Return as above
↑ and ↓Moves you up and down through the fields without expanding levels.
and collapses or expands a level where you see a +
Spacebar ticks or clears a check box
Alt+ ↓ Opens a drop down selection (single selection or date question for example) Enter selects
Ctrl+ shortcut for the right video button, opens the next record on the selection
Ctrl+ shortcut for the left video button, opens the previous record on the selection
Ctrl+ ↓shortcut for video button, takes you to the last record on the selection
Ctrl+ ↑shortcut for video button, takes you to the first record on the selection
Key Action
F2 To make a Contact Event with the currently selected person
F3 To make a Diary Appointment with the currently selected Person
F4 Opens the Desktop - a quick way for individual consultants to get at items they are currently dealing with - Diary, Progress, Contact Events and Current Vacancies
F5 Opens the Company Selector to add a Vacancy, find existing Companies and Company People by name and to add new Companies
F6 Opens the Person Selector to find existing People or to add new People
F7 Opens the Vacancy Selector to find existing or historic Vacancies and work on them
F8 Opens the Temp Desk
F9 Closes all windows except the current one
F10 Closes all windows
F11 Finds a Timesheet
F12 To make a Diary Reminder - can be used with a currently selected Person
Ctrl+F2Opens the list of Recent Records you have viewed
Ctrl+F5Opens the Company Person Selector
Ctrl+F8Opens the Shift Selector
Ctrl+F11Finds an Invoice
Alt+F8Allows a Shift search on 'Our Reference'
Alt+F11Opens a specific Invoice
Shift+F4Activates the button in a field
Ctrl+CCopies the currently selected text to the clipboard
Ctrl+XCuts the currently selected text to the clipboard
Ctrl+VPastes the content of the clipboard

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